Brooklyn based Designer and Founder of Pocket Square, created the first prototype ten years ago while lounging in his apartment. 'In a matter of hours I had cut and folded a juice carton, and realized that I was holding an entirely new product in my hands. The carton’s tough wax paper gives the wallet its durability. The cuts and folds evolved over the coming years through real life testing and tweaking.' As a result of a high volume of inquiries about his “funky wallet”, he decided to make them available to everyone.

Beautiful Things

There are over twenty styles to choose from, ranging from a variety of Tropicana orange juice flavors, Newman's Own Lemonade to Farmland Dairy Milk. Pocket Squares are also custom made and can be tailored to a requested juice or milk brand.

100% Handmade

This exclusive handcrafted line of stylish "green" wallets is made from empty reycled milk and juice containers. Each wallet is made from a single recycled juice or milk carton thoroughly cleaned, cut and folded in a specific way to create an elegant and functional wallet.